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Documentation Services Offered

As Customs house agents we play a very critical role in international logistics and commercial trade. All your Export & Import cargo needs an efficient Ocean Freight Servicesand perfect customs documentation for cargo clearance. As a licensed agent, we act on your behalf to comply with customs formalities with the necessary documentation on financial transactions, products and appropriate classification in tariff schedules. Our knowledge of rules and regulations, combined with our global network ensures an efficient, speedy and compliant import and export process. Any unforseen hurdles that may crop up while clearance of goods that delay goods and thereby increasing cost are carefully managed by furnishing and fulfilling the necessary documentary requirements therby speeding the movement of goods, eliminating waste of time & money. With the impending security issues these days, the requirements as per new government regulations and security compliance, our international trade law experts ensure there is no interruption in the execution of your supply chain activities.